Take Care Cudi

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On Tuesday, rapper Kid Cudi announced via Facebook that he admitted himself into rehab for his lifelong battle with depression and anxiety. The post is endlessly apologetic to his fans as he details his heart-wrenching insecurities and daily fears.

I found myself reading it with a concaved chest, for no one should ever feel like they are a “damaged human.” I admire Cudi’ s strength to open his internal thoughts to the world. He proves that

although he is an African-American man,

although he is a multi-millionaire, 

although he is a rapper,

he is still a human being that can ask for help!

Cudi may feel like he is letting a lot of people down at the moment, but I believe he will see the importance of bringing his mental stability to the forefront. Just within the influx of his post’s comments so many of his fans are empathizing and relating to his struggles. His post has started a dialogue within his online community whilst simultaneously sparking an important conversation for us all- What are the signs of mental illness? How do we help? Are there ways to cope? …. These are the questions that need to be asked for us to crush the shame surrounding depression, anxiety, and so forth.

In the past few months, Bruce Springsteen finally felt safe enough to confess his 30+years battle with depression in his autobiography- “Born to Run”, Selena Gomez announced a touring hiatus to focus on her health, and Zayn Malik publically apologized for has cancelled shows due to his anxiety. We are in a revolutionary time where such a stigma is beginning to be questioned and challenged. Public figures are summoning the confidence to be upfront with their illnesses, resulting in empathetic ricochets, however, we still have ways to go. The more open and vulnerable we are together the less anyone can feel helpless and/or ashamed in dire times. Keep asking questions and never stop listening.

Stigma takes lives. Stigma divides. Let’s throw stigma in the past!

Good vibrations to all,



Don’t stop making waves, Cudi.

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