S(no)w Work Day Jams

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Snow Palm

The snow aPOWcalypse that hit the east coast this past weekend was one for my records book. My home town got a heaping pile of 22 inches of fresh powder, whilst the DC area got well over 30 inches. With the large gusts of winds and my lack of winter clothing I spent most of my weekend retired in my basement finishing a binge watch, job hunts and of course updates on my musical collections.

I thought I’d share with you the music I listened to most this weekend. My jam mood jumped all over the place, as it constantly does, thus I have tunes from DJ Snake to Cage The Elephant.

I am sure we have not seen the last of the Snow Goddess in 2016 so if you ever find yourself in a  S(no)ow Work Day or S(no)w School Day drop this playlist and bond with Matt Shultz on how “Cold Cold Cold” it is outside!

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