At the close of 2015, I made the decision to stick it to single-hit based mainstream media by only taking notice of the long-player format (albums). In doing that I missed out on referencing some special tunes that made that year whole for me. So this time around, I’d like to give credit where it is due–to both the albums and singles that played a big role this year. To close 2016, I am honoring the top 10 albums, top 10 tracks and a few…Continue Reading “Best of Music, 2016 Edition”

On Tuesday, rapper Kid Cudi announced via Facebook that he admitted himself into rehab for his lifelong battle with depression and anxiety. The post is endlessly apologetic to his fans as he details his heart-wrenching insecurities and daily fears. I found myself reading it with a concaved chest, for no one should ever feel like they are a “damaged human.” I admire Cudi’ s strength to open his internal thoughts to the world. He proves that although he is an African-American man, although he is a multi-millionaire,  although…Continue Reading “Take Care Cudi”

2016 Music Obituary

We are only midway through the four seasons and 2016 has proven to be the Grim Reaper of years. It has been marching over our hearts with a scythe in its hand week after week and I am fed up – just a few nights ago we received the unsettling news of Muhammad Ali’s passing. Muhammad was a significant leader in American racial and religion progression, atop of his impressive ranking in the ring, and Reaper ’16 showed no misery in the taking. Although Muhammad…Continue Reading “Deadly ’16”

Snow Palm

The snow aPOWcalypse that hit the east coast this past weekend was one for my records book. My home town got a heaping pile of 22 inches of fresh powder, whilst the DC area got well over 30 inches. With the large gusts of winds and my lack of winter clothing I spent most of my weekend retired in my basement finishing a binge watch, job hunts and of course updates on my musical collections. I thought I’d share with you the music I listened…Continue Reading “S(no)w Work Day Jams”

Best of 2015

In an industry that has turned single hit based, it is time to show appreciation to the long player format. With the year 2015 at a close this post is dedicated to the Top 11 albums that played background to my busiest and most important year yet.   Tame Impala – Currents The upbeat in Currents is enough to get the melancholy recluse on the dance floor with arms loose and heart open. Kevin starts the record with his most popular track to date, “Let It…Continue Reading “Top 11 Albums of My 2015.”